Eager motivator - Boot harness, spiked spurs.

Eager motivator - Boot harness, spiked spurs.

Take one giant step: The perfect gear for kick-starting a 1000 cc motorcycle – or your Saturday-night date… Whatever you ride, you’ll love this sturdy pitch black leather shoe harness with nickel-plated, ankle-adorning steel rings and 3 defiantly dangerous spiked spurs – which can be worn facing forward or back. Whether you like walking on sunshine or on the wild side, you’ll be appropriately dressed and believe me – when you put your best foot forward, you won’t be tiptoeing anywhere.

The boot harness is a versatile accessory, which can also be worn around the neck as a choker or on the upper leg like a garter. Let your imagination soar.

One size fits most.

Strap length 45 cm

Strap width 1.5 cm

Spike length 2.5 cm

Custom fitting possible.

110 EUR