TINEOLA is a costume design studio and avant-garde fashion brand specializing in unexpected ensembles for film and festival. Based in Germany's fresh and inspiring capital Berlin, its founder is designer Victoria Filina.

Victoria has the courage to create uninhibitedly, piecing her designs together, like a puzzle, from a variety of disciplines, including carpentry, saddlery, upholstery, and goldsmithing. Her studio TINEOLA produces unique, case-specific objects to support the visions of costume designers in theater and film. Ensembles can be custom-designed for individual clients or provided for hire on special occasions. Whether for a festival, a ball, a party or an special event, TINEOLA is the one-stop shop for attention-grabbing regalia.

A picture tells a thousand words and an outfit is no different. TINEOLA designs are an awakening of inner diversity, providing tailoring to your current character needs.